We are on a mission to make all children money literate

A mission that matters

Acquiring knowledge about money and mastering the skills to manage it confidently is a fundamental life skill. Similar to learning to read or ride a bike, providing hands-on experience in how money works goes a long way toward building independence and confidence in children and teens.

Best to bend while it is a twig

Research highlights the importance of early financial education, as children begin to form attitudes and habits from the age of six, with parents playing a crucial role in shaping these behaviors. Parents, whether they are already adept at managing money or want to prevent their children from repeating their mistakes, share a common belief in the transformative power of the right tools to inspire a lifetime of financial well-being.

Digital at the service of education

Our mission is to develop high-quality products and tools that are simpler, more convenient and more educational for families. Our goal is to empower children with lifelong financial skills by promoting financial well-being through affordable, easy-to-use solutions.