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Children develop
confidence, literacy and curiosity

Age-appropriate interactive educational content

Developed with teachers and experts in financial education, our games, videos and quizzes follow national financial education guidelines, which meet the different needs according to the age of children and equip them with financial skills that they can use today, tomorrow – and for the rest of your life.

Transforming tasks into skills and independence

Good financial education starts with empowering and trusting our children to learn by doing. Create a list of household chores, which can be exchanged for money or points, so children learn the value of earning, while increasing their sense of independence.

Strengthening financial education with planning

Establish the frequency and value of your children's allowance, which will be automatically transferred. This way, children learn to manage their money, as well as learn important concepts such as planning and managing expectations.

Put your child in control by setting goals

We encourage making saving a habit, putting the child in charge. Children can create goals and measure progress in real time on the app. Parents have control and can block other spending on the app until the goal is met.

Children receive financial independence.
Parents, peace of mind.


Track all of your child's allowances, allowing you to play an active role in their financial education.


Create new tasks so your child learns the value of earning their own money.


Help your child create lasting savings habits by creating goals and helping them achieve them.

Coming Soon

Exciting news on the horizon! Soon we'll be launching our very own card, designed to empower kids to learn about money in the real world, while under the watchful guidance of their parents.

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What they're saying about us

MoneyDog is easy to use and a great way to interact with children. A fun way to teach them financial education using technology!”

“MoneyDog is a game-changer! This app makes managing finances fun and easy.”

“Moneydog is indispensable for any parent who wants to teach their children about money management in a practical and interactive way!”

Questions asked by parents
(we know, we are parents too)

What is MoneyDog?

MoneyDog is on a mission to help parents raise financially literate children. With lessons on money, savings and investments, MoneyDog is the app that protects your family and prepares them for a safer future.

What is the minimum and maximum age?

We believe that from the age of 6, children begin to develop practices and concepts that they will carry into their adult lives. Therefore, we want to be present in children's lives from this age onwards, and follow them into adulthood.

How does MoneyDog work?

Parents install the app and link their children to their MoneyDog account. Parents can create new tasks  and define the amount of their children's allowance. Children learn concepts that evolve in complexity as they advance, and can create savings goals.

Are there different apps for children and parents?

Children and parents log into the same app, but have two different experiences. Parents can create tasks, set allowance and more. Children learn to manage their own money while remaining safe and connected to family.