Terms and Conditions

1. Application Content / Intellectual Property
MoneyDog content means all information available to the user made available through its website or mobile applications. These are, in particular, MoneyDog content: text, images, photo galleries, videos, web design and software. All contents are protected by Copyright under Portuguese law, the European Union and International Treaties, and cannot be used outside the conditions of free use permitted by law, without the express written consent of MoneyDog.

2. Signup
Some content on the MoneyDog website and applications is paid. To access them, the user must access the MoneyDog registration areas, having to register. The user agrees to take responsibility for their login details, such as email address and password. When registering, the user agrees that:
1- Your registration is personal and non-transferable and cannot be used by any other person to access MoneyDog's digital content;
2- You will not do anything that could harm MoneyDog, namely accessing a unauthorized area/account and respective information;
3- You will immediately contact MoneyDog if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your login details;
4- You will not evaluate and test the vulnerability of the system and break the installed security;
5- You will not send unsolicited emails that include promotions or advertising for products or other services.

3. Interruption or suspension of access
MoneyDog reserves the right to interrupt access to the MoneyDog website and/or applications for the period it determines is necessary, for any technical, administrative, force majeure or other reasons that may arise and are not directly covered here. Without prejudice, MoneyDog cannot be held responsible for any suspension or interruption of access that may occur as a result of facts that are not attributable to it or that are attributable to mere negligence.

4. Data protection
You can consult our privacy policy at www.moneydog.eu/privacy

5. Contact
For clarification of any questions related to these terms. and conditions, please contact us via the following email: privacidade@moneydog.eu